Floating Back to Chaturanga: August 30, 2015 1:30-3:00 pm, ISHTA Downtown 56 E 11th St, NY, NYSheila Miller

In this Master Class we will unravel the instruction “step or jump back” in a graduated practice designed to guide you to effortlessly floating from the front of your mat to chaturanga safely and comfortably.

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Whether you’ve never done it before or would like to increase your sense of ease, spaciousness, and comfort when you jump back, you will leave this workshop with a plan to build the strength, confidence, and grace necessary to float safely back to chaturanga.

Tailored specifically to the transition from the front of the mat to chaturanga, this workshop will cover:

  • the anatomical knowledge to understand how to work within your body safely,
  • where in your body you could use further strength,
  • how to build that strength, and how to work energetically with the breath.